Adrian D. Cox

Adrian Cox is a serial entrepreneur who is comfortable guiding his own companies, as well as companies with whom he has collaborated, towards a common goal of financial profitability. As a co-founder of the Tucker based non-profit, Youth Educational Services Inc, Adrian has taken a conceptual organization designed to help youth in Georgia learn skills in entrepreneurship, nutrition and education, into a 20 year organization with annual revenues of millions of dollars.

As a graduate of Atlanta’s Morehouse College in Accounting, Adrian has utilized his skill and vision in order to guide numerous small to mid-sized companies and organizations to success. Over the years, Adrian Cox has successfully launched, ran and/or sold a number of small businesses. A sign and printing business, a tax service, a food catering business targeting child care centers, a musician management and concert promotions company, a business consultancy several child care centers to name a few.

Adrian Cox is the Managing Partner with Housemen Investments and also runs a boutique real estate company that buys, renovates and rents commercial and residential property investment company in the Atlanta area.