About Us

Housemen Investments began in 2019 between a group of business professionals who saw that synergetic skills coming together for common goals, can accomplish exponential results. These three original men with 75 collective years of business service experience, crossed paths throughout the years through investing, financing, project coordination, developmental projects, business management deals, over and over again through the years.

Extraordinarily they quietly realized that they all hailed from a single institution of higher learning, Morehouse College in Atlanta Georgia. Thus,
Housemen Investments was born. A purpose evolved from this small group of mortgage, credit and business professionals to provide a full-service private and debt funding firm, which would pull from their collective contacts and personal financial wherewithal to help Find, Fund, Finance and Facilitate business acquisitions, financing and joint venture projects.

Chiseled from hands-on experience, our firm works for our investors and partners to invest wisely, create value and form partnerships throughout many aspects of the entrepreneur’s goal achievement cycle. Entrepreneurs reach out to Housemen Investments every day to seek guidance, funding and partnerships that result in true win-win results for all principles involved.